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Scandal is a public relations, marketing and social media CO-ACTIVE focusing on entertainment, tech and lifestyle companies. From startups to household names, Scandal works with companies to perfect their branding and messaging, as well as creates a strategic, tailored communications plan.


Scandal, along with many consultants and boutique firms, believes that the traditional agency model is broken and in conjunction with these like-minded companies, has formed an alliance to offer collaborative services that make sense for your business.


Reasons You Don't
Want To Work WIth
Scandal Co-Active

If you are looking for a big, corporate agency who will take your money and do nothing for you other than allow you to say that you work with a big, corporate agency – stop reading. That’s not us.

If you are looking for an agency that claims to be an “expert” in everything you do – stop reading. No one is an expert in everything.

If you are looking for senior company executives who like to use big words just to hear themselves talk, and then never spend any time on your business – stop reading. We are industry professionals with years of experience. We are straightshooters and don’t need to spin our own clients to prove a point.

If you are looking for a company that offers only big, splashy ideas that yield no return on investment – stop reading. We work with our clients to come up with strategies that will work, no matter the budget.

The Reason You Want
To Work WIth
Scandal Co-Active

If you are looking for smart, creative, fun, senior-level strategic partners who will work with you, please keep reading. That IS us

What We Stand For

Our ‘Co-Active’ model naturally lends itself to the entrepreneurial, startup community. As a team, we are all entrepreneurs and have started our own companies in addition to having worked with countless others to launch their own dreams. We live for challenges, solving problems and creative collaboration. And we have a ton of fun – on a typical day we can be found surfing, biking, DJing, practicing yoga and teaching Pilates – all while laughing. As early adopters of all things tech, entertainment and lifestyle, we thrive in disrupting industries and honing the creative process.

We also recognize that too often companies find themselves having to reinvent the wheel by replicating existing technologies, software and processes to develop their new product. Our LABS companies operate in the lifestyle, entertainment and technology industries and have multiple touch points with each other in an effort to minimize regurgitation and maximize potential scale.

Introducing Scandal Labs