Introducing Scandal Labs

In the startup and technology space, new companies face many challenges to get off the ground – building a team, finding technology partners and mentors, raising money – and there are excellent existing incubators and accelerators that provide support in these areas and help take a company from prototype to launch.

While there is a fantastic ecosystem in bringing products from ideation to market, little infrastructure exists for companies at that critical time where on-point messaging, storytelling, as well as PR and Marketing launch strategies help companies elevate in to the public sphere, gain traction and most importantly achieve product-market fit.

Scandal LABS is a solution to this need as we provide support for ready-to-launch startups and those looking to scale. Typically when a company is nearing launch, Founders are often resource-strapped for time, funds and most often in their knowledge base in terms of best practices of planning a well-timed and executed rollout. We nurture our LABS companies and run them through our ‘Lean PR & Marketing’ program, helping Founders validate and invalidate their products by testing the landscape with communications strategies. We work with you to help test, measure and scale when you’re ready.

Scandal LABS